• Friday, September 15, 2023

Enhanced Backup Collector Feature & Important Updates!

Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to bring to you our improved feature - the Backup Collector, complemented by significant enhancements to our VPS Backup mechanism and essential bug fixes. This announcement aims to provide you with a detailed overview of what's new and how it can benefit you.

Spotlight on the Backup Collector Feature:

The Backup Collector is a transformative tool for customers managing multiple VPS Servers. With this feature, you can seamlessly restore the backup image from one VPS to another with just a single click. Whether you're migrating, scaling, or ensuring redundancy, the Backup Collector is here to simplify your journey.

What's New?

☁️ One-Click Restore Across VPS Servers: Transfer your VPS backup to another server effortlessly. However, ensure both VPS plans are identical for a successful restore. If the plans differ, the restore won't be possible.

-    Refined VPS Backup Mechanism: Our backup process has been optimized to capture every file and configuration, ensuring a comprehensive snapshot of your VPS at any moment.

-    Bug Fixes: We've addressed and resolved several issues to ensure a more reliable and smooth backup and restore experience.

Why This Matters?

-  Simplified Migration: Easily migrate or replicate your setup with the Backup Collector!

-  Enhanced Data Redundancy: You can back up your data and restore it across multiple VPSs, offering an extra layer of redundancy.

⌚ Time Efficiency: The one-click restore functionality ensures you spend less time on backups and more on what truly matters.

For Those New to the Backup Collector:

If you're new to the Backup Collector, it's designed to offer flexibility and convenience. We aim to simplify the complexities typically associated with migrations and restorations.

Wrapping Up:

We aim to offer you unparalleled flexibility and ease with the Backup Collector, especially when it comes to migrations and cloning VPS. We invite you to dive in and fully harness its capabilities.

You can find more information about the Backup Collector feature in our Knowledgebase. Please visit the following URL: https://client.petrosky.io/knowledgebase/37/Cloning-Existing-VPS-on-Another-VPS.html.

Thank you for your unwavering trust in PetroSky. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that elevate your experience with us.

Warm Regards
The PetroSky Team.